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VistaNetworks mission is to empower individuals, businesses,
and nations with world class information technology
solutions to help create, leverage, and manage change.

About Us

VistaNet Communications provides superior high speed wireless broadband connectivity to business customers in the southwest. Our wireless system provides businesses with up to 10 Megabits of burstable, high-speed connectivity at a range exceeding ten miles from the nearest access point. Our system out-performs the 2.4 GHz system hands down with a high-tech dish, not a grill. With our wireless system, your business can eliminate costly local loop fees and have the versatility of burstable bandwidth at a much lower cost. The days of having to wait weeks or even months to get connectivity are now gone when dealing with VistaNet Communications. If your company has been dealing with  frustrations from the local DSL providers or the lack of security from cable broadband offerings , then give us a call...we can help. Would you like to check your current bandwidth from your provider?

Who We Are

VistaNet Communications is a Business Class Broadband Connectivity Provider servicing the greater El Paso region. Providing the area's businesses and other organizations with cutting-edge information technology, from wireless networking to internet and intranet development. VistaNet Communications diverse team of business analysts, networking engineers, and digital design professionals utilizes a powerful combination of technical "know-how" tempered with "home-town" sensibility making it El Paso's premier provider.. We are an El Paso-based, El Paso owned and El Paso operated company servicing  the greater El Paso area and Southern New Mexico. Our family of companies has both national and international customers. VistaNet Communications is one of El Paso's best-kept business secrets.

What We Do

  • Wireless Point-to-Point Connectivity · Efficient, inexpensive, and instantly scalable data and Internet connectivity to organizations through our broadcast sites across the El Paso area.
  • High Bandwidth Connectivity · T1's, DS3's, and OC3's provide powerful bandwidth connectivity to any size entity, small, medium or large.
  • Web Hosting · Website hosting on secured, efficient and reliable server platforms.
  • Managed Hosting · Management and maintenance of client-owned servers for maximum freedom of use with customized and secure service.
  • Web Site Development · Comprehensive and market driving web site design followed by implementation including dynamic and database-driven E-Commerce content.
  • E-Commerce Solutions · Our Platform software allows client-configurable product lines, customizable marketing directives, and focused sales techniques ensuring entities unique presentation to the market.
  • E-Mail Hosting · Reliable and efficient e-mail hosting on dedicated e-mail servers.
  • SPAM Filtering · Using advanced scoring and statistical software, VistaNet Communications SPAM filtering keeps inboxes and e-mail servers from becoming clogged with unwanted e-mails.
  • Streaming Media Solutions · Advanced compression technology permits high-quality audio and video streaming, especially of live events, whether On-Demand or Live Streaming

We are not

  • an El Paso branch of some far-away, national and faceless corporation.
  • a hosting or bandwidth reseller - our clients are our clients utilizing our offerings.
  • a residential Internet service provider.

Contact Us!

VistaNet Communications * 517 Link Drive * El Paso, Texas 79907 * 915-587-1500

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