IP Converged Networks
Local and Wide-Area Network Services

Flexibility and Scalability to Transport Information

As organizations grow, so do islands of information. The information necessary to make the decisions is spread over many disconnected islands. Today's fast and changing environment requires that necessary information be readily available in the desired format and retrieved in the shortest possible time. Our local/ wide-area network design implentations satisfy present needs, and provide flexibility and scalability for the future.

Appropriate networks can eliminate isolation and loss of productivity

Our Networking Services

  • IP PBX Converged Networks
  • Windows, Linux, and Unix networks
  • Bridges, routers, and switches
  • DWDM equipment
  • Corporate wide-area networks
  • Wireless communications
  • ATM technology
  • Broadband Wireless technology
  • Frame relay technology
  • DSL technology
  • Broadband Wireline technology
  • ISDN technology

Benefits of Local and Wide-Area Networks

  • Easy to access corporate-wide data
  • Stay competitive
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Strategic corporate infrastructure
  • High speed transport of information