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Our CentelPBX software PBX provides you with flexibility and features far superior to any conventional PBX platform. CentelPBX opens the door to a completely new world of flexible and cost-effective call management solutions. It is based on open source software, and runs on the ultra-stable Linux operating system. Open-source software brings you power and flexibility, without any licensing costs.

CentelPBX is available in a number of configurations to suit your requirements. Our IVR and VoIP solutions utilize the IP PBX infrastructure to deliver truly cost-effective and feature-rich solutions.

Advantages of Software PBXs

  • Feature-Rich and Future-Proof - IP PBXs are software-based, which means that upgrades and new features can simply be uploaded to your platform with no impact to service.

  • Infrastructure Flexibility - IP PBXs provide advanced IP telephony features, such as the seamless integration of geographically-remote telephone extensions via an Always-On Internet connection, such as Broadband ADSL.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership - IP PBXs are highly cost-effective due to their underlying software architecture. With CentelPBX, expanding your call management solution needn't impact your budget. As an example, adding an extra telephone extension is just a matter of connecting a new handset to your LAN.

  • Integration With Existing Business Applications - since an IP PBX is just another software application, integration with your email or order processing platform becomes a straightforward exercise.

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